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Since time immemorial the symbolism of the horse is associated with the passage and transport the soul to the underworld , or, in the mythological world of fantasy, to the moon . It was , therefore , seen as a harbinger of death when it was white and appeared in dreams . Horses were also synonymous augur well for the crops , in the Celtic tradition .
Children of the night and the mysteries , horses are life and death , and are associated with the elements of fire and water .Among psychoanalysts , the mare is an archetype very close to the mother , such as the Greek fertility goddess Demeter with horse head , and the memory of the world , associated with the time and the impetuous desire . As vehicle or man riding the horse have his fate intertwined with the human beings . During the day , it is the rider who leads the horse , but at night is the dark horse that directs the destinies of man and thus becomes a seer and guide. The conflict between man and horse leads to doom while the agreement and harmony between man and animal leads to success . While animal of darkness and magical powers , the horse is a sort of guide from the tradition of the peoples of Central Asia . Among Beltires , the dead man’s horse is sacrificed so that the lead man in the world of the dead . This same tradition is also found in the Mediterranean , as is the case of the Iliad , where Achilles sacrifices four mares in the tomb of his friend Patroclus , so that they will lead your soul .According to legend , Solomon sacrificed nine of his thousand winged horses God . In Rome , the horses were dedicated to Mars .
In the rituals of possession and initiation of different cultures , the man becomes horse, as is the case of African Voodoo , Brazilian and Haitian in shamanic traditions of Abyssinia and Asia Minor . In these traditions , the possessed man becomes the horse or the spirit of their god .
The white color was the favorite of the Celtic goddesses for their horses and the representation of Lady Godiva , the Lady Goddess , through a woman riding a white horse that was part of the traditional processions was critical to the success of the crops . Bellerophon sought to attain immortality moon riding the horse Pegasus, born of the blood of Medusa . The Norse god Odin rode horses ghosts in gray , who claimed to be the souls of warriors killed in battle . In Islamic tradition , Muhammad rode Alborak fantastic horse and led by the angel Gabriel , was from Mecca to Jerusalem and also to heaven
The horses of death , or that presaged death , are found in the ancient Irish tradition , and across Europe since the Greek Antiquity . These horses are black in color , but clear or whitish in color , and are associated with the moon and water . In European folklore are associated with witches and demons that lead travelers to crash into the cliffs or drowning in the swamps . In other traditions , from Europe to the Far East, the horses are deities of water and have the gift to bring out the springs with their paws . The horse is also considered a helper deities , such as Africa , where they are assembled by the gods to bring rain . Contrary to the idea of death , there is also the concept of solar charger , or the horse that pulls the chariot of the Sun , which is found in ancient cultures and also in the Greek tradition .

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